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Dec. 8th, 2006 | 01:34 am

I was notorious for taking VPX's Redline RTD (ready to drink) formula around this time last year to keep me up while I was working two full time positions at Circuit City. Redline is a metabolism booster/fat burner that works by first breaking your body out in a sweat, then chilling it to the point that it has a slight but noticeable shiver. I lost around one pound per day drinking the RTD formula, and maintained a good energy level throughout the holiday season at Circuit City, nevermind the 70+ hour weeks. Needless to say, the guys at Circuit City were hooked on the stuff, and we probably kept Smoothie King/The Vitamin Shoppe sold out for a month straight.

I think at that time it contained Ephedrine, but since the ban the drinks have been shitty and I had almost lost all hope until I took a dose of the gel capsules today before work.

I popped 2 of the capsules after a healthy lunch today, and went on about my business. Thirty minutes later I hadn't noticed any more energy than I had previously and almost threw the rest of the bottle in the trash can. Well, after I clocked in I took four more -- for a total of six capsules. This is the maximum daily recommended dosage.

I started to feel the sweat I had remembered, my face got a little flush and my head started sweating just a little bit. Well, apparently the capsules take over an hour to kick in, and by the time I had read this online I had already consumed six capsules. I suddenly felt a rush of energy like I had never felt before and my body started chilling. I knew I was in for a day. Brian calls this stuff worse than coke. I'd say it is probably close to certain Amphetamines but I'm not a drug user myself so I wouldn't know what to compare it with besides Adderall. It does enhance your cocentration and focus.

This time the sweat wasn't bad at all, the chills weren't even noticeable and I've been hungry since about 5pm. I'm finally feeling relaxed enough to possibly lie down for the night.

That will be the last time I ever take six capsules of Redline at once.

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